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Educational Websites

Educational Websites


Google Classroom
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This is my google classroom where I will be posting assignments for the students to complete online. Each student has their own gmail account which is linked to their google classroom, which they must set up first. It’s very easy! Please message me or contact me to get their email so we can set up their virtual classroom. 

Our class code is 



Go Noodle
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GoNoodle is a website for students to get moving and take a brain break. We would do this every day between math and reading. I hope the students can use this at home! It’s a great resource to get them moving.

EPIC Books
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We have used this site a lot so the students should be familiar with it. Students are able to read books and have the books be read to them. We love it! Our class code is: rbv5481 If students do not see their name, please use the guest student towards the end. 

Scholastic Learn from Home
Image that corresponds to Scholastic Learn from Home

This website has great reading materials for home. Scroll down when you are on the home page and select grades 1 and 2. This site offers ficiton and nonfiction text, reads to them, and has activities for students to complete. 

Footsteps to Brilliance
Image that corresponds to Footsteps to Brilliance

Footsteps to Brilliance is a reading website. I have each students super secret code so please message me for it. 

Prodigy- Math
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Prodigy is a popular computer game experience with many math battles geared. The teacher choses the standards to fit what the students are working on. 

Math Games
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Extra math games to work on fluency. Just select 2nd or 3rd grade to go beyond or go 1st grade if students are struggling.

Khan Academy
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Khan Academy is a great resource for students and parents for math help. This site provides a step by step video on how to do math problems students are working on. 

Additional Resources- Review

This link has materials we have learned so it is a great way to review with your child. 

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